All TxTStream services except for Keywords, are available for one low monthly account charge.

The TxTStream accounts area allows you to review your financial transactions, past invoices and messages as well as setup your own EMail Direct accounts when using our EMail Direct service.

TxTStream supports sub accounts that you can maintain yourself. You can think of a sub account as a cost centre with its' own account number and password.

Sub accounts and sub account usage will be itemised on your invoice. They also provide a secure way for each sub account to use the Outlook add-in or Easy Message. Sub accounts can login to the TxTStream accounts area and view only their usage.


All of our services can be used to streamline your office operations. Links to Easy Message, EMail Direct and Keywords can be found on the right.

Our TxTStream SMS for Outlook add-in installs in a minute or two. You can try five evaluation messages without an account. Check out the Installation and Usage guide in the related links.

The Outlook add-in supports scheduled SMS and integrates with your contact lists. Mobile replies will come back to your email. Our Outlook add-in is available for download in our downloads section.

You can respond to the mobile replies received via email and we'll send them back to the mobile. Any messages that were not able to be delivered will be sent to you in a batched non-delivery report via email.


Easy Message is a web based SMS and email system. Upload contacts directly from spreadsheets or csv file or manually enter mobiles and email addresses.

Easy Message also includes our Emergency Broadcast system whereby a mobile initiated message can be broadcast to a selected contacts list in emergency situations.

We support either multiple profiles (people) per account, or you can setup sub accounts where each sub account is separated out on invoicing.


Once your domain, or a specific email address is setup in our system, you can send an SMS to a mobile simply by sending an email. Replies will come back to you via email.

In the TxTStream My Account pages, you will be able to maintain your own permitted email addresses.

As with all our services, we will send you batched non-delivery reports too.


We provide mobile keywords. Using a mobile keyword, a mobile user can for example 'txt the word INFO to 999'. The mobile receives your specified reply immediately. The mobile message will be sent to you as an email. Reply to that, and it will go back to the mobile as an SMS.

We can setup your keyword so that either the mobile pays as per a normal premium short code or you pay and the service is free to your mobile clients.

There is a cost per keyword and message pricing varies depending on which short code type you use.


For developers we offer the choice between .Net/Com+ components and two web API's.

Either way, integration is typically easy and quick.

Documentation on the API's is available in our downloads section as are the .Net and Com+ components.

If the components and API's don't suit your requirements, get in touch with us, we have a long history of being able to quickly deploy custom solutions.

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As a Ministry of Education accredited provider, TxTStream can supply Early Notifications via your school management system.

Once you have a TxTStream account, you can also use our Outlook add-in, web based Easy Message or EMail Direct for no extra charge.

Keywords are particularly applicable to schools whereby a parent or caregiver can send a message directly to your absences officer. Keywords are charged separately. See our pricing section and Keywords section for details.

Use the login link in the related links or on menus to access the school area and setup your Early Notifications.

We provide our full range of text, keyword and web-based services to schools either directly, or through our resellers below. Please get in touch with them or contact us direct.

p: 07 575 2627
e: helpdesk @ kamar.co.nz

p: 09 213 4096
e: info @ ourschool.co.nz

p: 0800 600 159
e: support @ edgelearning.co.nz


If you are already a reseller and have a reseller/distributor code and wish to add a new account, use the related links.

Once you sign up a client to TxTStream, as a reseller, you will be able to share in the revenue generated by that client. TxTStream offers a 50% share in revenue after cost.

Ideally, you will already have clients of your own and can see the benefit of being able to offer a wider range of products and services.


We believe in no-nonsense pricing. There are no contracts. You are free to deactivate your account at any time.

TxTStream does not use so called grey routes whereby the text is routed off-shore. While these can be much cheaper, they are also notoriously unreliable resulting in a very haphazard service that is certainly not up to the level of service we strive to deliver.

A TxTStream account has a monthly charge of $20. This account gives you access to all of TxTStream's products and services with the exception of Keywords which are charged at $19.95 per month.

SMS text costs vary depending on volume. The starting casual rate is $0.15c per 160 character block. Replies from the mobile are free as are the batched non-delivery reports we will send you via email. These list any undelivered messages along with the reason for non-delivery.

Mobile originated messages used with Keywords are charged at $0.02c for standard Keywords. The replies to the mobile are free. However, if you are using a free-to-mobile-user Keyword, it gets expensive at 34c for the message and the reply.

EasyMessage outbound emails are $0.02c.

Early Notifications (schools only) emails are 5c.

Invoice/statements are sent shortly after midnight on the 1st of every month via email. When a new account is setup, any pro-rated first month's charges will appear on the first invoice.

Please talk to us about any special requirements or volume pricing.

Our sister company TxTEngine provides TxT2Win competitions via mobile and web, database building and other services aimed at agencies, businesses and groups. See the related links.

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Welcome to the TxTStream download area. Here you can find the Outlook add-in and the Installation and Usage guide as well as the documentation and downloads for developers.


The Installation and Usage guide will take you through the installation process and describe how to use the add-in in Outlook.

Upgrading to a new version of Outlook? You must uninstall our add-in and reinstall the new version.

Prior to Outlook 365 and Outlook 2019, Outlook was installed in 32-bit mode by default even if running on a 64-bit PC. Outlook 365 and 2019 are installed in 64-bit mode by default so you will need the 64 bit version of our Outlook add-in.

To find out your 'bitness', in Outlook go to the File menu, click on Office account and then About Outlook.

 Download the Outlook Installation and Usage guide (PDF)

 Download the Outlook 365, 2013, 2016, 2019 32-bit add-in

 Download the Outlook 365, 2013, 2016 & 2019 64-bit add-in

 Download the Outlook 2010 32-bit add-in


 TSAPI (XML/JSON over HTTP) documentation

 WEBAPI (simple GET API) documentation

 .Net and COM+ objects documentation

 .Net V4 assembly

 COM+ component

 .Net V2 assembly


Contact us and we will immediately setup a new account for you.

We will need your business name, address details including postcode, a mobile and phone number, a contact name and your preferred password.

Account setup and activation is straight forward and we'll let you know your new account number so that you can get started straight away.

If you are already a reseller and have a reseller/distributor code and wish to add a new account, use the related links.

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You cannot send marketing or promotional messages via any TxTStream service.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 deems any marketing or promotional messages as commercial in nature.

As a commercial message, there are numerous requirements that need to be fulfilled including, but not limited to, the message content, free optout path and explicit (not implied) optin. TxTStream accounts by design, do not provision these requirements.

The act is actively enforced by the telcos and as a consequence we, unfortunately, may have no alternative but to deactivate any account which we find is sending messages of a commercial nature.

We will talk to you first of course.